CYCA Liaison/Facilitator

[ezcol_2third]Qualification:  must have strong organizational skills.  Enjoy working with youth and their families.   Recommended to be directly involved in Sunday League as either a parent or coach.
NOTE: Would be appropriate to be mentored in this position for a year prior to taking full responsibility.

  1. Directly responsible for the CYCA Sunday League.
  2. Direct CYCA league advertising and promotion with our membership.
  3. Conduct the registration process for all CYCA Events – (Development Camp,  Sunday League, Ray Kingsmith, Jam Can & Friends & Family)  via online application.
  4. Coordinate a subcommittee to arrange for a pre-Christmas break social for Sunday League participants.
  5. Coordinate a subcommittee to arrange for year end Sunday League windup.
  6. Work directly with the Webmaster to update website with standings and score gathering, plus to post league newsletters and feedback.
  7. Complete and submit appropriate forms and applications for the CYCA casino funding with AGLC.
  8. Coordinate AGLC Casino volunteers.
  9. Attends CCCM meetings monthly and report back to the Board.
  10. Pickup all mail/correspondence and meet regularly with Treasurer for deposits, etc.
  11. Run a Survey Monkey for CYCA Sunday League/Wind-up, etc

* role description is subject to change, to suit the occupant of the position

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