CYCA Recreation & Instruction, Club Liaison

[ezcol_2third]Qualification:  being familiar with CYCA programs and events. Having prior knowledge and/or experience at the club level and youth programs could be an asset.
Length of term:  2 years

  1. Act as the Board liaison between the CYCA and its Member Clubs in partnership with the CYCA employee
  2. Attends Curling Fraternity meetings when the President is unavailable
  3. Liaise with CYCA employee in regards to the Skills Development program for all Member Clubs
  4. Assist with the processes and functions of Sunday League and other CYCA Events
  5. Development and maintain the CYCA Training Tools for Youth Club Programs such as, CYCA Instructional Manual  and Tickle Trunk

* role description is subject to change, to suit the occupant of the position

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