CYCA – Sunday League Coordinator

Qualification:  Must have a child in the CYCA Sunday League.  Should have strong organizational skills, enjoy working with youth and their families.

NOTE: Would be appropriate to be mentored in this position for a year prior to taking full responsibility.

  1. Must have a child in the CYCA Sunday League Program
  2. Work directly with the CYCA Coordinator/Facilitator – in that every youth is placed on a team or is given the option to be on the spare-list, this may be revisited throughout the season
  3. Directly responsible for the CYCA Sunday League scheduling & draw
  4. Treasurer will contact you for support that dues have been paid
  5. Maintain weekly scoring updates
  6. Coordinate a subcommittee to arrange for a pre-Christmas break social and Wind up party for Sunday League participants.
  7.  Run a Survey Monkey for CYCA Sunday League/Wind-up, etc

* role description is subject to change, to suit the occupant of the position

Sub-committee members: