CYCA Treasurer

Qualification:  a general understanding of common bookkeeping and accounting practices, no accounting designation is required but preferred.

Length of term:  2+ years.
NOTE: Would be appropriate to be mentored in this position for a year prior to taking full responsibility.

  1. Receive all monies collected by / for our CYCA Events / Programs, that have been deposited electronically into the CYCA bank account
  2. Keeps proper records as directed by the CYCA Board
  3. Presents a financial report at each Board meeting containing a synopsis of the CYCA bank statements for both the General, Casino and Kingsmith Accounts
  4. Presents a full detailed account and financial statements for the Annual General Meeting. Self-prepared where possible, and if not, then with the contracted Accounting Professional.
  5. Files or directs the Accounting Professional to file financial statements and records to the appropriate bodies to fulfill Society Act Obligations
  6. Issue Volunteer Refunds at the end of the season.
  7. Provide budget meeting information for the President
  8. Pick up mail / correspondence from the Calgary Curling Club
  9. Is cheque signing authority
  10. Renew Board of Directors Insurance yearly

* role description is subject to change, to suit the occupant of the position

Sub-committee members: