Profile: Josh Kiist

Josh Kiist plays second for Team Harty, an up and coming men’s team in Alberta. Team Harty won the first men’s event of the season posting a 3-1 record against Team Koe and Botcher. Team Harty was ranked 26th in the world at the end of last season.

What Josh had to say…

“The CYCA was an important part of my development as a curler. Not only did I play my first ever semi competitive game but I have met many life long friends though the CYCA. If it weren’t for the CYCA I would not be where I am today as a competitive curler on the world curling tour. Through the CYCA I gained game experience and a much deeper love for the game. I recommend anyone looking to further themselves (or their kids) in the game of curling at a young age to consider enrolling in the CYCA and finding a team!”