CYCA Ray Kingsmith Registration Form

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Download 2020 CYCA Ray Kingsmith memorial Bonspiel Rules…

Ray Kingsmith event: December 28-30, 2020

Entry Fee is $320.00… per 4 person team payable to CYCA.
*Payment must be received by noon on December 14th, 2020.  *****No Refunds.*****

Payment can be submitted by Interac e-Transfer or cheque.
*Full details will follow in the submission email response.

Submission responses with payment instructions are sent to the Coach’s email address.



  • Teams must name all four players at registration. Only these team members will be eligible for the Scholarship fund prize.  Roster changes in extraordinary circumstances may be allowed at the sole discretion of the event coordinator, up until the first game starts.
  • All games are 8 ends
  • CCA rules of curling in effect (this includes the 5 rock rule and proper brushing equipment)
  • Due to the nature of the event (with Scholarship funds being at stake and with allowable time-outs), communication or microphone/listening devices and other similar technologies are not allowed to be used during the game.
  • All games should be completed within 2 hours. Please be aware that we need to keep as close to the bonspiel schedule as possible.
  • Ties after round robin will be solved using head to head record, then cumulative draw to the button
  • Top 3 teams from each pool make the playoffs


  • Throughout the round robin hammer will be determined by last stone draw at the end of each team’s pre-game practice.
  • Measure the distance the last stone draw is from the button. RECORD THE RESULT. The Closest team to the button receives hammer for the first end. Covering the pin is a 0, and missing the house is 183 cm
  • In the event a team completely covers the pin or does not stop in the house, they will NOT rethrow. The second team will practice and throw their last stone draw.
  • If there is a tie on the last stone draws, a coin flip will be used to determine hammer in the first end.
  • A new player IS NOT needed for each last stone draw
  • In the playoffs, choice of hammer or rock color will be given to the higher ranked team

Pre-Game Practice:

  • Each team will have a practice before each game. The practice will consist of each player throwing one rock each direction
  • The first practice will start 20 minutes prior to the posted game time.
  • First and second practice will be determined by coin flip. The winning team has choice of second practice or rock color.
  • Each team practice will be completed within 8 minutes
  • During the playoffs, both teams will have pre-game practices without last stone draw. The team that has hammer in the first end practices first.

Time Outs & Breaks:

  • Each team will be given 2 timeouts per game, lasting 1 minute in length
  • Coaches are to stay on the boards and are only allowed to travel to the away end if their team called the timeout
  • There will be a 3 minute 4th end break in each game
  • There will be a one-minute break between the 8th and extra ends
  • All timeouts and breaks are to be timed by the coaches however, organizers will step in if necessary to keep the pace of game

Sparing Rules:

  • Players from one team, even if eliminated, are not eligible to spare for another team
  • A spare is only eligible to play for one team in the event regardless of the circumstances
  • All spares must be registered with the bonspiel organizer prior to the game
  • Spares are not eligible for the Scholarship fund prize, should a team with a spare win the event – Scholarships will only be awarded to the registered players.