Sunday League


Sunday League runs throughout the curling season. The Sunday League Coordinator welcomes help of any kind, from once to weekly or special events.

Please note there is a $75 Volunteer Fee that will be added to your registration dues, however, the $75 Volunteer Fee will be refunded after AGM (July 1st) if you volunteered and helped out with one or more of the volunteer selections found on the registration forms for these events

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Rules & Regulations

Our target group is youth curlers, male or female, who are between the ages of 11 and 20 who have participated in a Calgary and area curling club’s junior program for two or more years.  With the age of Juniors set nationally at 20 and under as of January 1st of the current calendar year, registrations are accepted within this entire age category.  Participants for this league tend to range from elementary, junior high and high school age.

The participants have progressed through learning all the skills necessary to be able to play games.  Now is the time to join with teammates and play some games.  Take the next step!

The CYCA Sunday League offers a structured schedule of games between teams with varied experience.  Teams in the League can be made up of a combination of either gender or all of one gender.  However, players who will be entering the competitive playdowns and are 14 years or older would need to be on a gender specific team to enter and compete in Southern Alberta playdowns.

Sunday league fees for the 2020-2021 season are as follows:
Entry Fee is $560 per team or $140 per person based on a 4 person team for the full season (Round 1, 2 & 3). If you choose to play with a five person team, the fifth person is also expected to pay $140. NEW: This year, in light of C-19 times, the CYCA is introducing the option to join Round 1 at a cost of $75.00/curler.
Round 2 & 3 fees: $480/team | Round 3 fees: $400/team.
Refundable Volunteer Fee per curler is $75.00

The curling season, the CYCA Sunday League will be made up of two divisions grouped according to teams’ skill level (stronger teams in Division A and weaker teams in Division B), as opposed to divisions based on age.

The League consists of 3 rounds with 5 games in each round.  The points accumulated during a round only count for that round.  At the end of each round, the top two teams from each pool within the divisions move up or down pending where they are in the standings.  Therefore, the teams will play against four new teams each round.

At the beginning of a new round, new teams may join if they missed the September registration or if they are a group of players looking to take the next step of structured games.

The Final Wind Up day includes all teams with a “Skills Competition”, lunch and awards.

CYCA Sunday League runs from October to March every season.  Complete with three rounds, five weeks of curling in each round.  At the end of each season, we typically have 30-36 ranked teams.  In the fall we use the previous year’s team ranking and slide in any “new” teams according to age/skill level.

Once Sunday League commences, each team receives 2 points for a win and 0 for a loss.  Points are accumulated in each round.  The top two teams in each pool will move up a pool and the bottom two teams in each pool will move down a pool.  Thus, everyone curls with four new teams in each round.  Points return to zero.

March 9, 2017 – Motion was passed to create fairness to teams who have participated and curled in all three rounds in the year vs teams that join in RIII with the ability to win the entire year. Participation Points – 3 Points / Round for Rounds I and II will be applied to the year end Round III Total.

Canadian Curling Association Rules apply as set out in the Rules of Curling handbook.

Please refer to page 3 of the Rules of Curling for General Play. Each player, coach and family is to be aware of the Curlers Code of Ethics; the Coaching Code of Ethics; and the Fair Play section. No bullying applies!

Each team is required to have a coach. It is recommended that new coaches work towards completing the Club Coach and eventually work your way up to Competitive Coach – both offered by the Southern Alberta Curling Association ( ).   Your home club may provide subsidized funding to take this course.

Specific Coaching courses are mandatory for different levels of play.   Please inquire on your own.

  1. Each coach should only coach one team. The one coach to one team ratio allows for optimal individual attention and team development.
  2. Coin Toss: prior to play, will determine the team with the choice of last rock advantage or stone color.
  3. Spares:  if you require a spare, the player brought in, must only play in second or lead position.  Must be a member of the CYCA Spare Pool.  (Contacts found on the CYCA website)
  4. Game play: Games consist of 8 ends and must be completed within 2 hours.
  5. C.O.I. (Coaching on Ice) – This is unique to CYCA – to allow immediate advice and coaching   Coaches must wear appropriate footwear, stay off ice – on boardwalks, do not be a distraction.    Communicate only when “your” team does not have control of game play.
    Please NO banging on the viewing glass at any time by anyone.
    ***NO coaching from behind the glass by anyone***
  6. Fourth End Break: a 5 minute break, as outlined on page 35 (5) of the Rules of Curling.
  7. Time-outs: Two 60 second timeouts are available to each team during each game.  The Coaches should wait at the door and enter the playing area simultaneously, and the 60 seconds should begin.
    The rule book states timing to start from when the time out is called and includes travelling time by the coach to access the playing area. (As per page 37 (10) (a) of the Rules of Curling).  For our grassroots play, the Coaches travelling time is not included.
    Time outs can only be called by the players in the ice area or the coach behind the glass by signalling with a ‘T’ sign.
    A medical time-out:   is not considered one of the two time-outs and both coaches may enter the playing area to assess the situation.
  8. Teams that can complete 8 ends:  If tied after 8 ends or at the end of the expired time:  then the skip from each team, with sweepers, shall draw one rock ‘closest’ to the button to determine the winner.  If neither rock lands/rests in the house/rings then the thirds will repeat the process and so on through the roster until a winner is determined.  For medium speed teams:  If the last rock of the 6th end has come to rest.  For slower – first year teams:  May only complete 4 ends in the allotted time.  Do your best to play a little faster each week.  #4 is eventually, everyone’s goal.  A bell will ring 10 minutes to the second hour of play, everyone must complete the end they are on. Eg:  if your draw is 10:00 to 12:00, at 11:50 prior to the bell you have started a new end, you can continue to throw all eight rocks.  However, if your team still has third and skip rocks to throw and the bell is rang – you only throw your last four rocks and your game is complete.
  1. A team can start with three players; having the first two players throw 3 rocks each.  If a player of a team with just three players finds that one of the three players needs to leave due to illness, accident or other extenuating circumstances, then the game will be forfeited by this team regardless of the score.
  2. Cancelling of a game:  should be done with as much prior notice as possible to the opposing team and also to the Sunday League Coordinator at The Coordinator will make every effort to accommodate team’s requests for byes, but only two byes per round will be allowed. After that, the team will record a forfeit.
  3. Officials: There are no Officials on site so coaches will need to use their best judgement and keep the best interests of the participants and spectators in mind.
    Good sportsmanship applies!
    No Bullying by anyone at any time.
    Respect for the game and for each other is encouraged and expected.
  4. Have Fun and Good Curling!